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Moises Ai Music APK 2.23.0

Icon Moises Ai Music APK 2.23.0
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Separate your audio tracks using this AI assistant, every up-and-coming musician’s dream tool. Edit songs and create beautiful music anywhere, anytime!

Information about Moises Ai Music

Name Moises Ai Music
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 2.23.0
Size 67.66 Mb
Category Music & Audio
Developer Moises Systems
Price Free
Google Play link ai.moises
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About Moises.ai APK Music

Have you ever listened to a remix or mashup of different songs? This is how they are made. Moises.ai APK is a mobile application for extracting parts of a song. It can be used to isolate instrumentals and other parts of the audio. This app separates songs into individual tracks with the aid of artificial intelligence.

Features Of Moises.ai APK

Moises.ai APK can operate as a web-based or installable app, but this is not the only feature that makes it stand out. The other features of Moises include:

  • The Library: The library is that part of the app where all the tracks you’ve ever worked on are stored. When you import and edit a track halfway or completely, it is stored here so you can easily return to it whenever you want.
  • Adjust Song Key: With just one button click, you can change the key of your song or control the pitch to make it match your vocal range.
  • AI Audio Separation: This Moises.ai APK feature makes it easy to separate vocals and/or instrumentals from your favourite songs with just a few clicks of buttons.
moises ai music apk
  • Smart Metronome/ Speed Changer Feature: This auto-generates tracks that sync perfectly with any chosen song. You can adjust the track's speed by clicking the lower or increase buttons.
  • New Song Tab: The new song tab is where you can access music to unleash your creativity. Here, you get to browse the music selection and import songs.
  • Detect Chords: ai APK detects the chords in the song and displays them in real-time. In addition, you can change the key of the chords to one that’s comfortable for you.

In summary, Moises.ai APK lets you isolate vocals, change pitch, adjust speed, use a metronome, and create as many songs as you want in the same app.

In-depth Review Of Moises.ai APK

Creating music is not the easiest thing to do, but with this app, you can make your work a tad less complicated. From separating the tracks in a song to combining different tracks to create new music, there’s a lot involved, and Moises.ai APK attempts to make these steps easier.

Reviewing The Features Of Moises.ai APK

Here, we’ll explain further the two features of Moises.ai APK that are integral to your seamless experience on the app.

New Song Tab

Selecting the New Song Tab leads you to the locations you can get your analyzable music. You can choose the songs you wish to work on, from public URLs to iCloud, iTunes, and even local tracks. Moises.ai APK supports seven formats: WMA, MOV, M4A, MP4, FLAC, WAV and MP3.

moises ai music apk latest version

After going through the songs, select one that suits you, and move on to separating it. There are two options for separating tracks on Moises.ai APK. These will be explained in the Audio Separation section. The 2 Track Separation option separates into vocals and instrumentals, while the 4 Track Separation isolates into vocals, bass, drums, and others.

AI Audio Separation

Looking at the audio separation aspect further, the audio separation window feature lets you preview the sections your track has been separated into. You can adjust the volume of each part however you wish.

The Export button helps you download the isolated tracks separately or as a new song. In summary, to create new music on Moises.ai APK, you have to upload your song of choice, choose a separation technique, and let the app do its job. You also get a mixer section where you can mute certain parts of the tracks.

What To Expect From This Application

While Moises.ai APK works like magic, it is better to know what to expect, so you don’t get disappointed when using it.

moises ai music apk free download

Easy Navigation

Moises.ai APK is designed to help make the process of making creative music less stressful than it is. To achieve this, the app’s elements are arranged to easily access each one. Click the blue “+” button on the home tab to import a song. From there, you’re led to the new song tab, where you select a song, edit it in the audio separation window, and export. It’s that easy.

Minimalistic Design

Moises.ai APK has a black and blue theme with an overall minimalistic design that provides an inviting look and feel. The icons are large, so you easily learn to navigate the app. With such a simple interface, you can easily work up your creative juices and create good music.

High-Quality Separations

Although it takes up very little space with its 80MB file size, Moises.ai APK provides edited tracks of quality quality. Once you get the hang of the app, you can use all the amazing features here to give each song a unique twist.

Pros And Cons Of Using Moises.ai APK

Here are the upsides and downsides of using this app:


  • Free to use.
  • No ads or requests to upgrade to premium.
  • The interface is easy to navigate.


moises ai music


  • You need a premium account to access more features.
  • There’s a limit to the number of tracks you can separate your song into.

Useful Tips For Working With Moises.ai APK

Here’s a simple guide to how Moises.ai APK works:

  • Choose a song from the new song tab and upload it.
  • Separate the song into tracks.
  • Edit the individual tracks as you wish.
  • Download the individual tracks or the entire mix as a new song.

When using Moises.ai APK, it is important to note that you can only download your music in the 320kbps MP3 format in the free version, but the premium version lets you download in the WAV or 320kbps MP3 format. Also, other features are only available to premium users, but the discrepancies between what is offered in the free and premium versions are not bad.


Moises.ai APK is an app made by musicians for musicians. This means that someone who understands your need for a creative app that functions well develops this app to meet your music editing needs. Without ads or clutter on your screen to distract you from the app's real purpose, your results are sure to be top-notch!

Download Moises Ai Music [67.66 Mb]
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